Types of Pillar Candles

By | Feb 10, 2014

We use candles everywhere- at restaurants, in our homes, as centerpieces for our dinner tables, at wedding and even outdoors. There are so many different kinds to choose from- taper candles, pillar candles, votive candles, tea light candles etc. Restaurant candles are used as centerpieces to provide a romantic ambiance.

A Pillar Candle is a cylinder shaped candle. The wax is rigid enough to burn free-standing. This candle is meant to burn longer than smaller candles. One can use pillar candles to create an ambiance with a designers touch in any room. Often times florists create one-of-a-kind arrangements with Pillars as their centerpiece. Pillars are a smooth, clean and drip-less source of ambient light for all environments. Pillar candles are available in about 40 sizes and about 51 colors. They are typically Dripless and Smokeless. The most common pillar candles are cylindrical, and come in sizes from 1″ to 4″ and even larger. They also come in square, egg-shaped, star-shaped, and triangular shapes. Most stores that stock candles carry pillar candles, along with accessories to accommodate them. Pillar candles can be very useful to keep around the house, in the event of a power outage or simply to dress up the table for entertaining.

If you own a restaurant and need pillar candles placed on every table, you will need to purchase them in bulk. Buying from a candles wholesaler is cost effective. Whether you are shopping for your wedding or a special occasion a wholesaler of candles has the selection, prices and service to meet your needs.

If you are looking for wholesale pillar candles in different styles and sizes at discount prices, look for wholesale pillar candles sold by wholesalers. You should be able to find a wide variety of candle products. You can buy the case or buy in bulk, all at low cheap closeout prices.

Mini pillar candles can be burned in a glass candle holder or can be left free standing. If they are purchased in bulk, you can obtain a large quantity of specially priced candles. The price typically includes a total of 36 candles, which includes 4 packages with 9 candles in each package.

Or if you are looking to sell discount candles, you should buy them from a wholesaler at discount prices. Stock up on seasonal candles at bulk candle sales, and then have your store sell discount scented & wholesale pillar candles. You can buy a case or buy in bulk, all at low closeout cheap prices. It is wise to buy candles in bulk because candles sell so fast. Shopping for discount bulk candles is a reseller’s dream come true. You can buy the case or buy in bulk, all at low cheap closeout prices.

If you are looking for novelty candles and do not wish to use the traditional candles made from wax, you can buy flameless LED pillar candles. These too can be purchased from a wholesaler. They make excellent centerpieces at weddings. You can enjoy the lovely look and fragrance of a timeless candle classic, but without the hassle of dripping wax and open flame!

Enjoy Candlelight With Scented Floating Candles

By | Feb 5, 2014

Candles are used everywhere, at homes, at restaurants, at places of worships, outdoors. They are no longer used just as a source of light. They are used to enhance the aesthetics of a place. Church Candles and Vigil Candles are used while praying.

Candles come in various shapes, sizes and fragrances. Some examples are Pillar Candles, Taper Candles, Tea light Candles, Votives, Liquid Candles and scented candles. Scented candles are great for home decoration and aromatherapy and excellent as handmade gifts.

A scented candle is made with fragrant oils mixed into the wax. It gives off an aroma when burning. You can add a touch in a bathroom with scented candles. This is especially true when guests are over. Scented candles also add to the aesthetics in a bedroom, or any room of the house for that matter. A scented candle can create an ambiance of healthfulness and well being. Many people prefer scented candles to incense or joss sticks since scented candles do not add smoke to the air.

Remember that a scented candle has to be well made in order to smell nice. There are many different ways to make a scented candle. If a candle is poorly made, the wax smells nice when brought to the nose, but lighting the candle will not produce any scent.

Different varieties of pre-blended wax are used to make scented candles. This pre-blended wax has its own saturation point for fragrance oils. In-case more oil than the wax is added; it will result in the candle sweating the oil out. Generally the amount used is between one-half to one ounce of oil per pound of pre-blended wax (15—30 ml oil per .45 kg wax).

Sometimes candle manufacturers use a proprietary blend of wax. They are made such that they can hold even more fragrance oil and thus make super-scented candles.

There are several varieties of scented candles tea candles, votives, jar candles or floating candles. Some of the popular fragrances include apple pie, cinnamon spice, ocean mist, vanilla, coconut, chocolate etc.

Scented candles are used in aromatherapy to create a relaxing mood and enhance well being. The other advantage of scented candles is that it helps keep out household odors. Since scented candles melt to oil as they burn, they are made to burn in containers of glass or, in the case of tea candles.

One of the most beautiful ways to enjoy candlelight is with scented floating candles. The glow from the candle and from its reflection adds to the ambiance of the place. You can place scented floating candles in a bowl of water. You can use colored glass decorative bowls if you wish to create interesting ambience.

Fill a bowl with water, then place some scented candles on the top of the water, then light the wicks.

However it is important to use the right scents that do not clash with the aroma of food!

You can buy floating scented candles at your local store however if you need bulk candles, it helps to reach out to a wholesaler of candles

Advantages & Disadvantages of Liquid Candles

By | Jan 21, 2014

When we think of candles, we think of a solid mass of wax with a wick. However in addition to solid candles, one can also find liquid candles in the market.

So what are these liquid candles made of? They are made of Oil.

Some restaurants use liquid candle cartridges on their tables to create ambience. These candle cartridges burn 99% pure liquid paraffin. They have no odor and have no soot. Based on their estimated burn times, these liquid candles are available in several different “sizes”.

These cartridges are designed such that they have drawing wicks which means that they draw the liquid fuel up to the flame. As the liquid candle burns, the liquid goes down, but the flame always stays at the top. Most of the liquid candles are about 99% liquid paraffin. The temperature of these liquid candles is higher than that of solid candles. And because the flame never sinks, the temperature stays constant.

Liquid candles are reasonably priced. Typically one can get 6-packs for less than $15. That is 300 hours of burn time, or approximately a full month of burning at 10 hours of burn a day!!

The one major drawback is that liquid candle cartridges cannot be refilled and are not environment friendly.

In addition to these cartridges, one can also find small glass decorative wicked refillable containers. These are designed to burn 99% pure liquid paraffin. The wick is made of fiberglass. These refillable candles burn well and there is no plastic that needs to be recycled. There are several sizes of these candles so just be sure it is an appropriate size for the candle heater. You need to get the flame into the ideal hot zone, about an inch below the lip of the radiator. Also remember to keep the flame height small to avoid soot build up.

Fuel cell candle lamps and fuel are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the food service tabletop. Very little maintenance is required and in return they provide years of intimate table lighting.
There are liquid candles that fit anywhere a Tea light fits and they give the same amount of light. They can be used in almost any lamp designed for a wax tea light. These are approved by all major fire departments for use in restaurants. These lamp fuels are classified as not toxic and non-flammable. They are in the same non-flammable category as vegetable oil. They can be safely used on the tabletop and there are no shipping restrictions, storage limitations or insurance worries. These are not intended to be used with kerosene or most common lamp oils, which are not suitable for liquid candles and tabletop use.

It is easier to clean these candles without candle mess because they burn cleaner than solid wax candles. Because they are non-staining and do not create a melted mess, they are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the food service tabletop. These candles also require little maintenance.

Pray with Church Candle

By | Jan 21, 2014

Candles are a big part of everyday life. They have moved from their utility of providing light to providing aesthetics to the place. There are several kinds of candles available and they are used in several places- Restaurants, Homes, Churches and outdoors.

In the church, there are different kinds of candles used such as Alter candles, Unity candles etc.
Altar candles are those that are used for religious ceremonies and are set either near or on the altar. These candles may also be placed on tall stands on the side of the altar or sometimes behind the altar. The denomination of the church determines the regulations and traditions and also the kind of candles used. The denomination of the church also determines when the candles will be lit and when they will be extinguished.

Candles tend to drip wax and to prevent that from happening, candle holders are used. And very often a short tube made of brass, glass or some other non-flammable material is also used.
There is a lot of symbolism attached to church candles. The symbolism of prayer has been connected with candles; the burning flame of the candle represents the prayer that rises to God.
Very often at least two candles are used on celebrations and sometimes four or six candles are used, especially for a Sunday Mass or a holy day of obligation. If the Diocesan Bishop celebrates, then seven candles are used.

Unity candles are used in church weddings. At the wedding ceremony two taper candles are used to light a large pillar candle (called the “unity candle”) in the center. This is usually done at the beginning of the wedding ceremony when a representative from each family lights the two taper candles. Towards the end of the ceremony after the formal vows, the bride and groom use the two taper candles to light the large pillar (unity) candle together. The lighting of the unity candle is symbolic of the joining of the two families. It symbolizes that the families of the bride and the groom have united into one family that loves the new husband and wife.

In the Roman Catholic Church, candles are placed before a statue of Jesus or of Mother Mary. Different types of candles are used, varying from long, taper-type candles to tea light candles. Tea light candles may be placed in holders or on a platform in front of the statue. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, candles are lit before icons, usually of Jesus Christ or the Holy Theotokos.

Anglican churches also have votive candles for purposes similar to that of the Roman Catholic Church. In addition, they use the candles to pray for the dead as well as to ask for saintly intercession.

Methodism of the High Church tradition uses votive candles too. They light votive candles for the celebration of All Saint’s Day. This is when a prayer is said for each person of the congregation who has died that year. They also use votive candles, which are lit during communion services.

A Special Bung: 25th Anniversary Bottle Stopper

By | Dec 17, 2013

Occasion calls for presents and alcohol to celebrate the spirits of those involved with their near and dear ones. Alcohol has become a must have drink in most occasions. Wine is the most common drink of all that is accepted by many people apart from champagne and beer. It is a tradition to store and consume wine during special and important occasions. For some it is a must to consume any alcoholic drink in some quantity daily. These become hard to be stored in an open bottle. In order to retain the flavor within it is important to keep these bottles closed.

Bung, as named, is a bottle stopper used to close alcoholic bottles as a cork. These are usually cylindrical cone shaped and made of wood or rubber mostly. It is also possible to have both metal and glass based corks. Wooden based corks are commonly used, while the glass and metal based are for luxurious and special occasions. Some can even be screwed into the bottle, closing the bottle even tighter. Traditionally, only wooden stoppers have been used. Glass bottle stoppers are used by many wealthy people to store alcoholic beverages in the houses. Corks with different show pieces are available to choose from. Continue Reading >>

Ball Candle Acts As Wonderful Decorative and Lighting Source

By | Dec 11, 2013

Beautiful spheres in front of our eyes with flickering light makes the atmosphere in the room very lively. Ball candles are just not a decorative item to have at home, instead give that magical look to the place. Embracing them during Christmas will add to the festival spirit along with other decorative items. These are not only restricted as festival decorative item. But can also be used in weddings, dinner time, special occasions and so on. These can be used instead of normal candles anywhere, in any size. Wax based or LED based, both are very attractive.

With varying sizes they lit up the room marvelously. Sphered shaped balls with wick on top make the wax ball candles ideal to be kept on tables inside the room. For outdoor purpose a hollow based with inner wick can be used. Candles are available in normal wax, soya wax, glass, plastic, metal, ceramic and paper based for LED lighting. The wide varieties of candle are also possible to be used in normal wicked candles with some precautionary measures. Holders of different types are available to transform a pillar candle into ball candle. Continue Reading >>

An Extra Touch with Pillar Candles to Any Place, Event or Occasion

By | Jul 30, 2013

Pretty decorative items add ambiance to a place.  With such personal touch the place looks completely transformed.  Among so many decorative items a candle is an important item.  With pillar candles a room looks even more beautiful during night.  These candles can be kept in any part of the room which improves the overall look of a room.  Restaurants use these types of candles commonly during dinner time.  Evening parties can be arranged with the help of these types of candles.  With its wide base for the wick, the candle burns for long hours.  Also they drip less unlike tapered candles.  Elegance with ambiance is seen around while it burns.  One can also see a magnificent glow engulf the place with the beautiful emitting light of the candle.

 Pillar candles are available in many types and sizes.  Basic shape is either circular or square cylindrical.  Scented candles are very common in houses as decorative item.  With different sizes of candles with height of 3 to 9 inches, it can be used for many purposes.  Colors are wide in option while choosing a candle. Continue Reading >>

An Alternative to Oil Lamps and Advantages of Liquid Candles over Normal Candles

By | Jul 30, 2013

Candles melt, and the holder needs to be cleaned before inserting a new candle.  It sometimes can become messy.  An alternative for this is an oil lamp.   However, an oil lamp is too big to store.  A solution for this is a liquid candle.  It uses paraffin liquid oil just like an oil lamp.  The major difference between the two is that the flame of an oil lamp needs to be protected with a glass, whereas for liquid candle this is not required.  Liquid candles are small and convenient.  These candles are also used as decorative items.

Various kinds of liquid candles are available in the market.  All of them can be conveniently stored in a proper place.   Candles of different shapes and sizes are available depending on the burning capacity.  Colored bottles are very common just like normal candles.  These can be used for any occasion and ceremonies.  These candles have a burning time of 8 to 100 hours depending on the manufacturer.  However, flames are low and need less worrying about blowing off due to wind.  Either plastic or glass based candles are sold in the market.  Usually plastic based is non-reusable and the plastic needs to be recycled.  But glass based is reusable and recycling is possible.
Continue Reading >>

Beyond Church Services of Church Candles in Everyday Life

By | Jul 30, 2013

It has been said the early humans invented candles.  They used to dip the dried leaves in animal fat and light it to be used as torches while traveling in dark.  Candles can be used for any kind of emergencies, finding way back from dark forest, light a room while there are power outages.

There are different types of church candles available in the market.  Some of these are taper candles, advent candles, shabbos candles, mechanical refill candles, cartridge candles, and kwanzaa candles.   Based on the type of services a particular kind of candle is used.  Among the different types of candles taper candle is used extensively.  Taper and mechanical candles are very handy to carry, useful in times of emergencies.

Taper candles come in different sizes of small to big candles for different kinds of holders.  Some of the colors regularly used are white, orange, yellow and red.  Many other colors available are green, pink, ivory, off-white, purple, black, blue, violet, chocolate, brown and its shades.  Decorations on candles with different pictures make it more religious to look.  Votive candles with pictures of Mother Mary or Jesus Christ or Angels on the shaded glass look very spiritual.  During long power outages the pillar candles can be burnt during the night.  When there are no lights available in the garden, lighting these candles will help during dark.  In medical emergencies these candles become a source of light for the paramedics, doctors and nurses to attend to a patient immediately. Continue Reading >>

What Are The Various Benefits Of Using LED Candle Lights

By | Jul 11, 2013

Candles are a big part of our days. We see them all around us, in restaurants, in our homes, at parties and even outdoors. And there are so many different kinds to choose from- Votive Candles, Tea Light Candles, Taper candles etc.

However one must be extremely careful when using any of these candles. They pose as fire hazards and if not used wisely can end up burning the place down.

So what do you do when you want to create the ambiance of a candle lit place, without the fire hazards that come with it? How do you use candles without worrying that your cat or your toddler may knock it down? One of the first rules when using candles is to extinguish the flame before you leave the house or go to sleep.

However you can avoid all these dangers by using LED candles.

LED candles are accent lamps that are designed to look like real burning candles, but do not have the potential dangers of candles. The “wick” of an LED candle is typically recessed inside the candle body, as if the candle has partially burned. The top portion glows as if it were a wax candle. LED candles even flicker to simulate a real flame. Continue Reading >>

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