An Extra Touch with Pillar Candles to Any Place, Event or Occasion

By | Jul 30, 2013

Pretty decorative items add ambiance to a place.  With such personal touch the place looks completely transformed.  Among so many decorative items a candle is an important item.  With pillar candles a room looks even more beautiful during night.  These candles can be kept in any part of the room which improves the overall look of a room.  Restaurants use these types of candles commonly during dinner time.  Evening parties can be arranged with the help of these types of candles.  With its wide base for the wick, the candle burns for long hours.  Also they drip less unlike tapered candles.  Elegance with ambiance is seen around while it burns.  One can also see a magnificent glow engulf the place with the beautiful emitting light of the candle.

 Pillar candles are available in many types and sizes.  Basic shape is either circular or square cylindrical.  Scented candles are very common in houses as decorative item.  With different sizes of candles with height of 3 to 9 inches, it can be used for many purposes.  Colors are wide in option while choosing a candle.

How about a multi colored candle? These are very commonly used to contrast with the color of the room.  Even metallic colors are available like metallic gold, metallic red, metallic green, metallic copper, metallic chocolate, metallic purple, metallic pomegranate and metallic fresh green.  With color shape also comes.  Different shaped pillar candles give diverse look to a room.  Even painted or crafted or surface skewed candles look good based on the work.  A sparkly touch is added with frosty candles.  Whipped candles (resembling whipped cream) give a unique look.  Customized pictured candles are also available.

Many handmade candles are available.  Basic ingredients to make a candle are Paraffin wax, Bees wax and Soy wax.  For organic lovers Soy wax will be a good option.  Soy wax can also be used in summer instead of a fire near the fire place as they give out less heat.  The candles can even be dyed giving a different color inside and outside.  The candle holders will be very important for this type of candles.  A small plate can become a candle holder to prevent melting wax making mess on surfaces and destroy the surface.  A corrupted cd or a broken glass tumbler with intact base can also be used as holders.  Holders can become a contrasting touch to the candles.  Spiked edges of holders can add a touch of creativity.  A pillar candle can become a votive candle by keeping that in a glass bigger than the candle.

Restaurants can have unscented candles which will add to decoration, and not spoil the tempting smell of food.  Unscented pillar candles are very good for drip less, brilliant ambiance.  For people who are allergic to smell of scented candles these act as an alternative.  For certain services like weddings, memorials candles are chosen to add significance of the occasion.

Either scented or unscented pillar candles are good choice for any place.

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