How To Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony With The Help Of Candles ?

By | Mar 18, 2013

A beautiful wedding ceremony is something we all look forward to. There are so many things that go into making the perfect wedding ceremony. When we think of a wedding ceremony, we think of a beautiful chapel, flowers everywhere and we think of the place being decorated with candles. Candles can add that special elegant feel to the entire ceremony by utilizing them in various different ways.

Candles add to the wedding theme. They can transform the wedding venue into something magical. The warm glow cast by candles adds to the romantic ambiance.

There are many kinds of candles that one can choose from: floating candles, pillar candles, votive candles, taper candles etc.

While candles can add that special touch to the wedding, remember to exercise caution when using them. Candles pose a fire hazard and must be used as carefully as possible. Make sure that the organizers of the event are well aware of the fire code of the locality where the event is held.
To start with, you can use the candle as part of the wedding invitation. Sending a candle with the wedding invite engraved on it can make for an excellent and unique way of asking people to share your special day.

Let us see how candles can be used to enhance the wedding ceremony. The row of paths leading to the chapel can be decorated with candles. This gives the wedding ceremony a touch of class. You need to ensure however that the candles are placed along the side of the path, far enough so that the bridal train does not catch fire.

Another option is to use candles are centerpieces. Make sure that these centerpieces are done tastefully. Ask your wedding planner for tips on how to convert candles into wedding centerpieces. A little bit of creativity can help convert ordinary candles into unique wedding centerpieces. One idea would be to create floating candle centerpieces for each table at the reception. For this you will need a clear bowl. Fill this with water and float candles in the bowls. This is sure to create unique and beautiful centerpieces. These can be used on each table and if you can create one using a larger bowl and multiple candles, you can use these to decorate corners too.

The wedding cake forms the heart of the wedding ceremony. With a little creativity, you can use bridal themed candles on your wedding cake as well. These candles are available in a variety of themes such as bride and groom, wedding bells, heart, and doves. You may have to make these candles yourself. Or alternatively you could have these exotic candles custom made.

Since candles play such a pivotal role in your wedding ceremony, you can also use them as wedding favors for your guests. There are so many options to choose from: wedding bells, bride and groom figurines, and plain designs in with custom boxes and ribbon. These can make excellent wedding favors and your guests will remember your wedding ceremony for a long time to come.

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