2" Premium LED Votive Candle in Frosted Glass Battery-Operated Flameless 72pcs/Case

17.00 LBS


2"x 2.5" 72/Case safe realistic flicker Battery-Operated Flameless Wax-Covered LED Votive Candle,
The LED Candle is the flameless alternative to the standard wax candle. These Battery operated luminaries provide a warm amber light with a realistic flicker. This product has a light quality that is strikingly similar to a regular wax candle and creates a warm ambiance that you've come to expect from old-fashioned wax candles. Great for Restaurants, promotional events, parties, receptions, weddings and home decor. Realistic flicker light mimics flame. Battery included with each candle. Uses  Battery (included)! No flame, no wax and no mess! 2" x 2.75" Color: Ivory or Ivory Pack: 72/Case safe realistic flicker