8 Hour Tealight Liquid Fuel Cell Case includes 90 pieces of Disposable Fuel Cell

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8 Hour Tealight Liquid Fuel Cell Case includes 90 pieces of  Disposable Fuel Cell

8 Hour Tealight Liquid Fuel Cell Candle Lamp - Restaurant & Hotel Candles Case includes  90 pieces of disposable fuel cell.
Fits anywhere a Tealight fits and gives the same amount of light. Case includes 90 pieces Use in almost any lamp designed for a wax tealight. Banquet Halls can use our candles to set the mood and ambiance for every occasion. It will add intimacy and drama to the space. The smallest fuel cell available. Safety First. Approved by all major fire departments for use in restaurants. Our lamp fuel is classified as not toxic and non-flammable. It is in the same non-flammable category as vegetable oil: NFPA Class IIIB combustible liquid. D.O.T. Regulations rate it non-hazardous. It is safe to use on the tabletop and there are no shipping restrictions, storage limitations or insurance worries. Not intended to be used with kerosene or most common lamp oils, which are not suitable for liquid candles and tabletop use. Clean candlelight without candle mess. Burns cleaner than solid wax candles. Non-staining. No melted mess. Specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the foodservice tabletop. Require little maintenance.
Made in the USA
Disposable Fuel Cells by Hollowicks. Hollowick  have become the industry standard because they are safe, efficient and economical. They are simple to operate which means that they will save on labor costs, just place in your lamp and light. No maintenance or adjustments! No more melted wax spills on your linens and no more wasted burn time hours. Fuel cells burn cleanly and evenly every time. Candle Height: 1.25 inches Candle Diameter: 1.50 inches Burn Time: 8 Hours If you are a Hotel, Club, Bar, Restaurant, Event Planner or other organization that requires fuel cells on a monthly basis, please contact us so that we can get you free samples and tailor a program that is right for you. Our system is designed to handle your every need. We have a proprietary calculator that computes and optimizes your supply of fuel cell candles. Dlightonline.Com can even help free up some space from unnecessary inventory, improve your monthly cash flow and deliver the most competitive prices in the market today. Simply give us a call and we will be glad to take care of everything. We promise to deliver your order on time and keep everything simple every step of the way!