Box of 50 LED Acolyte Submersible III FloraLyte LED - Three Mode Functions (Blinks, Flickers, Steady)

2.00 LBS


Acolyte Submersible III FloraLyte LED - Blue LED Three Mode Functions This submersible accent light with three modes: Constant Light On (Steady Light), Flickering and Blinking (Flash). This item uses 2 x CR2032 Battery and lasts at least 12 hours. This item is available in nine different color
This is the new Sub3 Submersible Floralyte. It is programmable. Choose between steady glow, blinking or flickering for the effect you need. The Submersible Floralyte 3 has an on/off button located on top of the disk that allows you to choose between three different light modes including constant glow, candle light flicker and blinking. Re-usable, waterproof, wireless submersible LED lights, perfect for lighting up vases and any water filled table centerpiece features a waterproof housing and a replaceable battery. Just drop into a clear glass vase for instant color and ambiance. Floralytes can be used for practically any design element including costumes, masks, place settings, art lighting, interior design and accent lighting and more.