Cheap Floating Candles 2 Inch Wholesale Bulk Packed 72 Candles Per Case

7.00 LBS


Bulk 2" Floaters available in white, ivory and red at Wholesale prices. Size: 2 inches (D) x 1 inches (H), Bulk packed 72 pieces  of floating candles per case
Low price floating candles. Our  bulk floating candles are wax discs made to be burned while floating in a liquid such as a vase or bowl filled with water. Similar to our Pillar candles, our floaters are compression molded and then over-dipped. This allows them also to be burned as a mini pillar in any suitable candle holder. Buy in bulk and pay Less.

Available in white, ivory and red .

Made in the USA

Burn Time: 3 to 4 Hrs
Weight: 0.06 lbs.
Height: 1"
Width: 2"