Mineral Springs Candle with Bamboo Lid 4 oz Diffuser Set - Live Live Color Collection

1.00 LBS


The Mineral Springs 4oz scented candle are made of all vegetable soy wax and pure cotton wicks. This set includes a 4oz diffuser that will hug your heart and calm your mind. Only the highest quality essential, natural and fragrance oils are used and at maximum levels. A very evenly balanced fragrance. Fragrance notes are mountain water, citrus zests, and eucalyptus blue


Wick Type: Lead Free Cotton/ Paper Core 
Wax Type: 100% Soy 
Fragrance Notes: mountain water, citrus zests, and eucalyptus blue


Made in the USA

Ergo is a luxurious brand of 100% soy candles. These candles have caught my attention time, and time again with their modern and colorful packaging and unusual scent blends. They have been featured in many magazines, and were voted "best candles ever" by "O" Oprah's magazine.