Mineral Springs Diffuser er'go Natural Premium Reed Diffusers

2.00 LBS


White box contains glass, mineral springs fragrance, and diffuser reeds.

Mineral Springs - Clean, Crisp, relaxing mixture of fragrances creating a relaxing spa environment. (White/Gold Box) Box contains glass, mineral springs fragrance 8oz., and diffuser reeds.8oz Ergo Premium Fragranced Reed Diffusers - Glass, premium fragrance and diffuser reeds packaged in a beautifully designed box perfect for gift giving.

 Diffuser Qualities:
  • Designed from Ergo Candles top Selling Premium candle fragrances.
  • Long Lasting, Extremely Fragranced oils
  • Alcohol Free, VOC Complaint
  • Packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, and soy ink.
  • Fragrance Vessels manufactured in Spain from 100% recycled glass.
  • Natural Bamboo Reeds

Ergo's focus is fragrance. They have the purest palette from which to present their premium fragrance blends. The quality of the fragrances and the intricacy of the Ergo blends is what has set them apart. They have been designing fragrances since 1995. All of their fragrances are their own blends, allowing them to know and maintain the quality going into the product! Only the highest quality essential, natural and fragrance oils are used--and at maximum levels