30 Hour Disposable Liquid Fuel Cell Candle Lamp - Restaurant & Hotel Candles (48 units/case)

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30 hour fuel cells are made for commercial use only. It eliminates thermal shock breakage commonly associated with use of solid wax candles. It provides a longer lasting alternative to standard wax candles.
These fuel cell candles are not intended to be used with kerosene or most common lamp oils, which are not suitable for liquid candles and tabletop use.
Clean candlelight without candle mess. Burns cleaner than solid wax candles. Non-staining. No melted mess. Specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the food service tabletop. Require little maintenance.

Legal Disclaimer: Do Not Meet Federal Regulations for Sale to the US Home Consumer Market for Household Use. (With respect to packaging requirements such as child resistance closures and safety labeling.)

Made in the USA
- Made for commercial use

- Case Size: 48

- Burns for 30 hours

- Disposable fuel cell

- Contains liquid votive

- Container made of clear plastic

- Dimensions: 2.25 in height x 2.38 in diameter