Floating Candles


Floating candles are a unique and exciting way to light up any event. The beauty of clustered glimmering lights dancing on the water is unsurpassed. Floating candles are wax discs made to be burned while floating in vases or bowls filled with liquid. Our classic 3” round floating candle discs are unscented, exceptionally long-burning and priced at unbeatable prices. D’Light Online floating candles are compression molded and then over-dipped. This allows them to also be burned as mini-pillar in any suitable candle holder. For a variety of uses, our floating candles can be used as wedding decorations, centerpieces, or home décor. Also great for adding ambience at restaurants but can also add special warmth to almost any setting. All of our floating candles feature 100% cotton wicks to provide long burn times of approximately 3 hours for our small floating candles and up to 13 hours with our largest floating candle.


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