Votive Candles


Since Roman times, votive candles have been a premier candle and the most utilitarian candle available. Votives have many varieties and are unmistakably the most efficient candle available in the market. Votive candles are a great way to add soft light to your home. We offer a wide variety of unscented votives. Whether adding a warm flickering glow to a romantic dinner or relaxing bath, or fun twinkling lights to birthday and wedding parties, Bar Mitzvahs, churches, and restaurants, or even outside barbeque, votives are a must have around the house and office and are perfect for survival kit and camping gear. Votive candles require a votive candle holder to maximize the burn time. The votive holder will help pool the wax and allow you to get the full burn time. Our votive candles are sold in bulk quantities so you may enjoy our everyday cheap wholesale prices. In white and ivory candles. We also carry liquid fuel cells in votive sizes, to offer even safer and cleaner burning solutions. Votive burn times come in 8, 10 and 15 hour burn times


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