Taper Candles


D’light Online sells only premium hand dipped taper candles from one of the world's most trusted candle manufacturers, Patrician. D’Light Online chose Candle Artisans since they create the highest quality hand dipped taper candles in a variety of colors, sizes and quantities. This ensures you get the taper you need for the design you desire. Taper candles are a quick way to dress up a room for any occasion, whether it's a romantic dinner or birthday party, or just to add a little elegant touch to your home. So simple, yet exactly what you need. D’light Online taper candles are made in the U.S, hand-dipped, dripless, and clean burning, available in individual, small pack, 12 pack and wholesale sizes. Our wholesale Taper Candles are priced to ensure everyday use affordability. From decorative to survival, these classics are sure to fit your needs.


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