D’Light Online and Wholesale Candles Direct Announce Merger
Aug 14, 2022

D’Light Online and Wholesale Candles Direct Announce Merger

D’light Online today announced its merger with Wholesale Candles Direct. This move is designed to benefit both companies' clients by taking advantage of synergies in their systems that would help them to grow to be the leader in the online candle retail and wholesale space.The combined company will be privately held and operate under their respective brands. While there will be renewed staffing, the CEO has determined that the management team will be mindful of maintaining efficiencies through t …
May 02, 2014

How to use Floating Candles Effectively?

Any party that you plan to host, will require much thought and preparation. The guest list, the food and the decoration. The decoration could depend on the theme,the location or the time of the day. For example, if the party is at night, you might want to want to add some candles, to create a warm glow. You could use <a title="Pillar Candles" href="" target="_blank">pillar candles</a>, <a title="votive Candl …
May 02, 2014

Bright Ideas for Lighting

Candles for generations have been the reliable source for lights. With the development of electricity and the possibilities that electric lights offer, they have still not unseated <a href="">candles</a> as the source for soft, glowing lights that set the tone and the mood in a space. Now with different holders and styles candles are now more than ever, safer, and more design friendly.One such candle …
May 02, 2014

Great DIY Ideas for Decorate Outdoor Party with the candles and lights

Ever since you bought that beautiful house in the cul de sac, you have wanted to throw a party in the huge backyard. But like most people, you are probably wondering how to light up the backyard for an evening party. Do you put up fairy lights? Or do you get halogen lamps? Or do you turn the backyard into a wonderland by lighting <a title="Candles" href="" target="_blank">candles</a> all around? The candles prov …
May 02, 2014

Things To Be Kept In Mind Before Choosing A Candle Holder?

There are so may kinds of candles and <a title="candle holders" href="" target="_blank">candle holders</a> available in the market. You can choose from the range of floating candles, pillar candles, votive candles, taper candles etc. What you select is based on the occasion you plan to use the candles for. It depends on the decor of your house and it depends on the amount you are willing to spend on them.In order to sel …

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