How to use Floating Candles Effectively?

2nd May 2014

Any party that you plan to host, will require much thought and preparation. The guest list, the food and the decoration. The decoration could depend on the theme,the location or the time of the day. For example, if the party is at night, you might want to want to add some candles, to create a warm glow. You could use <a title="Pillar Candles" href="" target="_blank">pillar candles</a>, <a title="votive Candles" href="">votive Candles</a> or taper candles, depending on the kind of mood you are trying to create.

For the kind of candles mentioned above, you will need a <a title="candle holders" href="" target="_blank">candle holder</a> but if you have large water bowls, consider using floating candles. These candles come in assorted shapes and sizes. If you celebrating a special holiday and wish to create a big centerpiece, first collect candles that carry out your holiday theme. Maybe if it a thanksgiving dinner, look for floating candles that are orange or other colors of Fall. Or maybe red heart shaped ones for Valentines day.A spring fling can be extra special with colorful candles. Or a wedding candle centerpiece can be decorated in lace and frill. Go with your mood and the festivity you are trying to create.<!--more-->

One does not really have to search though expensive stores to buy these floating candles.One can also buy these from dealers in <a title="wholesale candles" href="" target="_blank">wholesale candles</a>. Or these candles can also be made at home. You can customize these candles for color, scent and shape. The scented candles add to the mood of the party. Floating candles, when placed around the house help make the party a memorable one.

Here are some innovative ways to help set the mod for your party.

<strong>Pool floating Candles:</strong> Place floating candles on the pool. These will reflect in the water and help create a beautiful glow. However take care to use these only when the pool isn't being used by anyone.

<strong><a title="floating candles" href="" target="_blank">Floating Candles </a>in a glass cylinders:</strong> Take a floating candle and tie a ribbon or a flower to the part that is in the water. Place these candles in glass cylinders. The glass cylinders prevent the candles from being extinguished and they also provide a touch of class to the party. These can also be used as wedding centerpieces.

<strong>Floating Candles in a vase:</strong> Take a vase and fill it with water. Add some glass pebbles into the water. Or try adding some color to the water. Float candle on this water. You can embellish the vase with ribbons or flowers, depending on the theme of the party. For example, for a Halloween party, you can try decorating the vase with pictures of bats or pumpkins or maybe some orange ribbon.

<strong>Floating Candles and fruit:</strong> In case you do not want to float the candles on water, try using them on things that float. For example, a fruit or a vegetable that matches the candles. This adds diversity and makes the candle an attractive centerpiece.

Bulk floating candles provide a beautiful glow that enhance the festivities and make the party vibrant and colorful. Choose a candle of the color that matches the festivities. Make sure you choose the right vase or container. Use you imagination and your artistic sense to enhance the look of your home using flotation candles.