Different Types of Candle Holder and It's Various Use

2nd May 2014

Most of us like to have candles around the house. They add that special glow to the house and set the mood for the party. If you are one of those people who like to decorate their space with candles, make sure you use them safely. You can choose from a variety of candles- Votive candles, taper candles, <a title="Pillar Candles" href="" target="_blank">pillar candles</a> and <a title="floating candles" href="" target="_blank">floating candles</a>.

Candles are made of wax and will melt and spill hot wax as they burn. Make sure you use candle holders to ensure safety and to prevent spillage. You can choose the candle holder depending on the type of candle you use. The candle holder can be a fancy one that is made of ceramic or it might be as simple as a plate placed under a pillar candle. Or one can choose to be very fancy and use the pretty carved burners that allow light to flicker though holes carved in the holder.<!--more-->

Let us take a look at some of the <a title="candle holders" href="" target="_blank"><strong>candle holders</strong></a> available out there:

<strong>Lantern Candle Holder:</strong> This type of holder usually includes a closed container, that holds a tea light or a <a title="votive Candles" href="" target="_blank">votive candle</a> in it. The container has some opening so that the oxygen can fan the flame. And of course it needs to have a glass opening so that the light is visible. These lanterns can either be placed on the table or be hung from a hook. These lanterns sometimes have colored glass or cut outs. The important thing to remember is that these lanterns need to be made of fire resistant material else they will pose as a fire hazard.

<strong>Open Candle Holder:</strong> The shape of open <a title="candle holders" href="" target="_blank">candle holders</a>, could range from flat to curved or a spike that the candle base can be dug into. Again the thing to remember is that the candleholder must not be made of flammable material. Most of these open candle holders are made of metal. These holders are wide enough to hold the candle as well as the wax dripping from it. If you do not think the candle is wide enough to stand sturdy on an open candleholder, do not use it.

<strong>Wine Glass Candle Holder:</strong> These holders add that special touch to your party table. These come in different colors and you can select the color that matches the festivities. These holders are made by decorating wine glasses. If you have old wine glasses that you no longer use, make this a DIY project and convert it into a wine glass candle holder. If you decorate the rims with glitter, then fill it with colored water, you can float candles in it.

<strong>Tea-light Candle Holders:</strong> These candles are not expensive. Infact most thrift stores sell them in packs of 50s for less than five dollars. These are often used in fancy restaurants to create that warm and romantic glow. Often times these are floated on liquid so that the reflected glow adds to the ambiance. Adding some scented oil to the liquid can create a relaxing effect.

<strong>Taper Candle Holders:</strong> Taper candles are slim wax candles that are thin towards the top of the candle, and thick near the base. Taper holders are used to hold taper candles.

However these holders are not ‘one size fits all’. These generally require the candle holder to be specific to a certain candle size. If you want to shield the flame from breeze, use hurricanes

<strong>Apart from aesthetic value, candle holder serve the following purpose:</strong>


Candle holders prevent the flame from getting extinguished and at the same time, prevent objects around from catching fire.

Melted Wax:

Wax dripping from candles can damage surfaces. Candle holders prevent this damage.


If you need to move a candle from one spot to another, a candle holder lets you carry the candle safely and it also prevents hot wax from dropping on the floor.


Lean candle sticks and odd shaped candles need a holder to support them so they can stand upright.


Candles add to the ambiance of the party. Whether it is a wedding or a thanksgiving dinner, candles serve as centerpieces.


Candles make delightful gifts for wedding or bridal showers.