Bright Ideas for Lighting

2nd May 2014

Candles for generations have been the reliable source for lights. With the development of electricity and the possibilities that electric lights offer, they have still not unseated <a href="">candles</a> as the source for soft, glowing lights that set the tone and the mood in a space. Now with different holders and styles candles are now more than ever, safer, and more design friendly.

One such candle is the tealight candle. These little powerhouses can give light for up to seven hours. They are compact and easy to store, and use without b=overpowering the design theme. You can use a few for low dramatic lighting or a lot to really brighten up a design in a unique way; using the lights as part of the design. Tealight Candles are inexpensive, <a href="">wholesale tealight candles </a>come 400- 500 in a case. This allows for a steady supply of smokeless, dripless, USA made candles to really make your day bright.