How to Decorate Dinner Tables within cheap budget With Candles

2nd May 2014

In this fast moving age of pick ups and to-go dinners, most of us have forgotten the pleasures of enjoying a quiet sit down dinner. Imagine taking a break from the busy potlucks and backyard barbeques and enjoying a candle light sit down dinner!

I bet you are wondering if you will have the time to put together the ambiance for a candle light dinner. What if I told you about tips and tricks to create this ambiance without spending too much time, effort and money? It will take some imagination and organization.

Candles are a wonderful way of bringing color to a table. Choose candles that go with the theme of the evening. Say if it a Christmas dinner, try using red and green candles. Valentine dinners will need red candles. Decorative candles like those decorated with mistletoe will add a special touch to your Christmas table.<!--more-->

The right decorations can make your dinner table look festive and appealing.

Some tips to decorate your dinner party with candles.

Pillar candles: These come in a variety of colors and sizes. Mixing and matching can create the combination you need. An important thing to remember when using candles on the dinner table is to use unscented candles. No one likes to smell Pumpkin candles when tucking into a roast beef. The <a title="scented candles" href="" target="_blank">scented candles</a> and be used in the living room to set up the ambiance there. Remember to use <a title="candle holders" href="" target="_blank">candle holders</a>. You can get some really nice ones at the local dollar store or at a Walmart nearby.

Tea lights: If you want to add to the glow of the pillar candles, add a few tea linghts around the table. You could either cluster them around the pilar or spread these across the table.

Color and Style: First select your theme and choose colors accordingly. You should select the style (votive, pillar etc) based on your theme.

The candle holder: This adds the special touch to the theme of your dinner. For a summer themed party, try creating a centerpiece with <a title="floating candles" href="" target="_blank">floating candles</a>. A blue candle in a glass holder, decorated with sea shells and sand can create the setting for a beach party. Sprinkle silver glitter around a blue candle in a frosted white holder to create a winter

wonderland effect.

Once you have selected the candle centerpiece, add flowers around it to make it festive.

Light the table with coordinating individual candle displays. Fill antique porcelain <a title="tea cup" href="" target="_blank">tea cup</a>s with tea lights or place tall <a title="taper candles" href="" target="_blank">taper candles</a> in wrought iron bird-shaped candle holders. Set a candle display by each guest's place setting.

Setting the table: The first step would be to visit garage sales to accumulate material for this. You will need a table cloth. A bedsheet or old curtain will also do. You will need about five yards of fabric. Solid colors that accentuate the color of the plates are preferable. Use co ordinated towels.

Table decorations: Select artificial flowers from the local dollar store. Pick flowers to suit the party theme. Make sure you look around and select some of natures bouty- shells, dried flowers, pine cones, acorns etc. These add the personal touch to your décor. If this is a family affair, consider sprinkling around a few family photos in small frames.

Decorate the room, not just the table. Instead of buying just one or two candles for the dining room table, buy several and place them at spaced intervals all around the dining room.

For a formal dinner, select simple candles. For a beach themed party or a masked bal, use the candles that lend to the theme.

An important thing to remember before using candles is to revisit your guest list and see if any of your guests are allergic to candles.

You can also personalize the candles so that you can use them as place cards.

Remember that all it takes is some creativity and care to have the perfect dinner.