Lighting Smack Down

2nd May 2014

Which is the more efficient lighting? Which is the cleanest and easiest to use for your restaurant of other commercial application?

In this corner we have <a href=">liquid paraffin fuel cells</a> (lamp candles). They are self-contained and come in a variety of sizes for your needs. The burn time ranges from eight hours (8hr tealight) to the eighty hour burner. The cases come with a variety of numbers to fill your uses and easily stored so you never run out of light. Since they are self-contained you can use a container or not, also cleanup is a breeze, you just through away the empty fuel cell. No spillage, no dripping, not mess and no fuss, the wick can even be adjusted to adjust the light level.

The <a href="">10 hour poured votive </a>is in the other corner. Also self-continued it burns for 10 hours and comes with the candle already in the container. This means less storage space needed and not mismatching and left overs to content with. Since they are self-contained you do not need a holder for them. Cleanup is a breeze, you just through away the empty container of put a votive in them and use them as a votive holder.

So which is better; depends on the décor and style you are going for, but you can’t go wrong with either of these lighting options.