Great DIY Ideas for Decorate Outdoor Party with the candles and lights

2nd May 2014

Ever since you bought that beautiful house in the cul de sac, you have wanted to throw a party in the huge backyard. But like most people, you are probably wondering how to light up the backyard for an evening party. Do you put up fairy lights? Or do you get halogen lamps? Or do you turn the backyard into a wonderland by lighting <a title="Candles" href="" target="_blank">candles</a> all around? The candles provide the light the needed for your guests to socialize and will also provide a beautiful ambience to your party.

The soft golden flickering glow of the <a title="candle" href="" target="_blank">candle</a> is so different from the radiant glow of an electrical light. However please remember to use some caution when using candles outdoors. Always remember to use a hurricane or other protective shield for the <a title="candles" href="" target="_blank">candles</a>.

When using electrical lights, remember to plug electrical devices into outlets with a built-in circuit breaker. Also make sure that the extension cords you use are approved for outdoor use.<!--more-->

The right lighting can work wonders in adding that magical touch to your party. Let us take a look at the various options available out there.

<a title="Candle lights" href="" target="_blank">Candle lights</a> that hang from trees: Hanging lights from spreading tree so that they like twinkling fairy lights. Placing them indoors helps create a romantic ambiance, depending the rest of the decorations

Decorative Outdoor Lighting for the backyard: If your backyard has a lot of foliage, the best way to light up the place is by wrapping light bulbs around the trunk of trees.

Bottled Outdoor <a title="Candle Lighting" href="" target="_blank">Candle Lighting</a>: Remember the last party when you celebrated your rise up the corporate ladder? You probably have a lot of empty wine bottles in the corner of your garage. Use these bottles as hurricanes to protect candles flames from the wind. You might have to get the glass cut in order to use these bottles.

Make sure you use a good glass cutting technique, else the bottles will be wobbly and make be a fire hazard.

Floating Dresses Garden Party Lighting: These make great props for outdoor Halloween parties. Much of this is DIY kind of lighting. For this kind of lighting, use cotton wrapped LEDs. You will need the following material.

  • Cotton Batting whith is available at your local supermarket.
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Cool LEDs (you can get these at electric stores. Just make sure they generate little heat and are warm to touch)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 1. Securely attach LED in the middle of the paper lantern

    2. Stretch the cotton batting until it is fluffy and voluminous enough

    3. Hot glue the cotton around the paper lantern

    Keep out of reach of children and never leave it unattended!

    Replace the cotton with real dresses, (ideally of kids size and see-through fabric, like chiffon). Hang the dresses on hangers and place the lanterns inside the dresses. Stuff the dresses with cotton so they don’t fall flat.

    Cotton Clouds Lighting: The cotton cloud LEDs look amazing in your house or used as outdoor decoration in the walkway during Christmas,New Year, birthday, wedding, baby shower or any outdoor party lighting setup.