How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Candles For Retail Store?

2nd May 2014

So you have a special celebration and you need to buy <a title="candles in bulk" href="" target="_blank">candles in bulk</a> and you need to stock up. In order to buy the candles in large quantity, you need to have a thorough understanding of the types of candles available. There are so many options out there -<a title="floating candles" href="" target="_blank">floating candles</a>, pillar candles, votive candles, taper candles etc. For example, orange votive candles work well in time for Halloween whereas the red scented ones are better suited for Valentines Day. You also need to understand the customer demographics too.

There are different types of candles available based on various waxes, fragrances and colors. What you stock depends on a number of factors- the season of the year, the customer demographics etc.<!--more-->

Once you have decided on the candle type, you should research and collect information about the manufacturer. It is important to know where the candles are being manufactured and what goes into making the candles. Since candles can be a fire hazard, it is important for you to know the quality control standards used by the manufacturer. Find out what material has been used for making these candles. It should not be material that emits toxic fumes when lit. So it is very important to know about the manufacturers quality control standards.

Candles are made of many different types of material- Beeswax, soy or paraffin. You need to decide what material will work best for your customer demographics. For example it is a well known fact that an environmentally conscious store, is more likely to stock candles made of wax.

Next you need to research <a title="wholesale candles" href="" target="_blank">wholesale candles</a> distributors. Buying from such wholesale candles distributors can help bring down costs significantly. Buying <a title="wholesale candles" href="" target="_blank">wholesale candles</a> means that the retailer can purchase directly from the manufacturer in bulk quantities to receive a discount You might buy from a wholesaler if you need to make a large purchase, say for a wedding or a baptism ceremony. Or it could be to replenish stock in a store. If you are a frequent user of candles, then buying from a retailer could prove costly. But remember when you buy from a wholesaler, you need to look at factors beyond the look and feel of the candles. You need to keep in mind the safety of the candles, the manufacturing process used and whether the candles look like the ones mentioned in the wholesale candles dealers catalogue.

Another factor to consider when buying wholesale candles is the fragrance of the candles. There are so many types of fragrances available in the market and you need to select one best suits your occasion. The strength of a fragrance may be hard to identify, but what you can do is see if you like the fragrance of the candles that already exist in the market. Another important factor when buying wholesale candles is the color. Sometimes people need candles of a specific color to go with the theme of the event so it would be a good idea to contact the <a title="candle wholesaler" href="" target="_blank">candle wholesaler</a> directly and ask about the accuracy of coloring in their marketing material, print and online.