3" X 8" Bulk Event Pack Round Unscented Vase Fit Pillar Candles (12 Pcs Bulk)

18.00 LBS


Set of 12 D'light Online 3 x 8 unscented pillars 
There is something magical in the flickering glow of a candle, and no better way to bring that magic ambiance to your life than a quality pillar candle. With a simple yet classy shape. Our 3x8 pillar will suit any event and match any style, creating an excellent accessory to quickly dress up a room. Whether bringing that magic glow to a romantic dinner, brightening up a formal dinner or fun barbecue, or for a relaxing mood to soak in the jacuzzi, these pillar candles are the key to creating that special feel, adding that perfect touch to any occasion. So simple, yet exactly what you need, a must have for the home!

Size: 2.8" diameter  8" high 
Burn Time103.00 to  108.00 Hours


Made in the USA